Do You Have a Project That Building Owners Should Know About?

The 2014 America’s Best Buildings of the Year (ABBY) Awards celebrate design and operational excellence in commercial and institutional facilities. This is a remarkable opportunity to put your project in front of 74,000 eager facility professionals!


Unlike other competitions, the ABBYs go beyond aesthetics. This building performance award honors projects that create a new benchmark for other facility managers to emulate.


Projects often exhibit qualities such as: *though not limited to

  • ★ Emphasis on energy efficiency
  • ★ Streamlined facility operations
  • ★ Commitment to sustainability 
  • ★ Forward-looking designs
  • ★ Innovative solutions
  • ★ Purposeful renovation


To see examples of last year's projects, click here.


For more information about the BUILDINGS’ 2014 ABBY Awards Program, download our brochure or read about submission materials.


Submissions are open through MAY 23, 2014.


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