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Vector LED Light Bulbs by Qnuru

Vector LED Light Bulbs by Qnuru

The Vector product line consists of 30 ENERGY STAR-compliant, ETL-Classified, LED light bulbs. Fitting into 95% of all existing commercial and industrial light housings, consuming 85% less energy, providing daylight-quality illumination, and requiring 1/5 the maintenance support of conventional metal halide commercial lamps, these bulbs were designed, assembled, and tested in the U.S. They are installed by a licensed electrician in less than 15 minutes and offer an average investment payback of 10-24 months. The 30 Vector LED Light Bulbs fit into a wide range of fixture styles, including high bay and low bay lights, canopy lights, ornamental and historic pole-mounted lights, bollard and pathway fixtures, floodlights, and interior and exterior recessed down lights.


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