Dual-Flush Bowls by Sloan Valve Company

Dual-Flush Bowls by Sloan Valve Company

Sloan dual-flush water closet bowls have been specifically engineered for water-efficient dual-flush operation and optimal performance with Sloan’s dual-flush Flushometers, including the solar-powered Sloan SOLIS, the battery-powered Sloan ECOS and the manual UPPERCUT. The Sloan SOLIS and Sloan ECOS Flushometers automatically select and initiate a regular (1.6 gpf) or reduced flush (1.1 gpf) based on how long the visitor remains in sensor range. Override buttons enable visitors to manually flush at their discretion. The manual UPPERCUT has a green, antimicrobial-coated handle with dual-flush functionality: Pull the handle up for a 1.1 gpf flush to remove liquid waste, or push down for a 1.6 gpf flush for solid waste. Sloan’s standard height and ADA-compliant floor-mount dual flush toilets, as well as the wall-mount models, have been certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

To learn more, visit www.sloanvalve.com.


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