GLPAC-DIMFLV Integrated Lighting Systems by Crestron

GLPAC-DIMFLV Integrated Lighting Systems by Crestron

These stand-along lighting controllers for classrooms, conference rooms, and offices directly connect to keypads and touch panels for easier integration and an enhanced user experience. They control four to eight channels of dimmable or switched fluorescent loads, and each unit can control a single room or up to four independent rooms. In addition, GLPACs can also be tied into a centralized Crestron system for facility-wide control and monitoring. Built-in support for occupancy sensors, photocells, and shade control enable energy saving capabilities. The systems can automatically shut lights off and adjust the HVAC in unoccupied areas. The optional power monitoring tracks real-time energy use of each load. Report generation provides the data that enables organizations to make the most effective, educated decisions regarding energy resource management.

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