E-VersiBlock Equipment Mounting System by WDG

E-VersiBlock Equipment Mounting System by WDG

E-VersiBlock, a mounting unit made from 75% recycled EPDM, offers a sustainable alternative for mounting commercial rooftop accessories.

The product, which contributes to LEED points, can support HVAC unit rails, gas pipes, electrical conduit, and walkways. It can also be used for equipment curbs, solar panel mounting, and structural framing mounts. E-VersiBlock units are connectable and compatible with Unistrut metal framing, pipe clamps, and other attachments.

The product is UV resistant, fiber-free, color-stable, shock-absorbent, durable, and won’t deteriorate. It allows for two-way drainage that reduces drainage interruption.

For more information, visit www.wdgsilicones.com.


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