Turbo-Seal U Injection Waterproofing System by OCM

Reliably repair leaking roofs with an injectable waterproofing membrane

Turbo-Seal U Injection Waterproofing System by OCM

Turbo-Seal, a flexible gel that bonds to any surface to create a self-healing, watertight membrane, repairs leaks in tunnels, underground garages, water tanks, septic tanks, concrete-reinforced levees, subway tunnels, and other below-grade structures experiencing high-volume active water leakage or minimal water leakage.

Cold-apply the product by injecting it through to the positive side of a substrate. No chemical mixing is required. The gel consists of a highly elastomeric polymer rubber, which is comprised of over 25% post-consumer recycled content and infused with adhesives. The nontoxic substance absorbs movement, minimizes damage and separation, and is resistant to temperature fluctuations.

For more information, visit www.ocm-inc.com.


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