Legrand/Wiremold Offers More Systems for Intelligent Energy Management

01/17/2011 |

Energy Management

Legrand/Wiremold has added to its roster of wire and cable management systems that combine power delivery with intelligent energy management and control. 

The backbone of the Convia-enabled Wiremold system is Walkerflex® modular wiring located above the ceiling or in an access floor.  Power runs from the electrical closet to a modular distribution box that has from 4 to 12 connection points to accept modular cable sets.  These can power devices directly or be connected to Evolution™ poke-thru devices, selected floor boxes, and Vista® architectural columns.

The Convia-enabled Wiremold system is an entirely new approach to energy management that combine a Wiremold® power infrastructure and Convia® energy control and management.  The power delivery systems also form the distribution backbone of the ConviaNET network, which includes a desktop Global Gateway, hubs, relay dimmers, power modules, and other accessories such as sensors and switches that are linked by low voltage cabling. 

Electrical connectors supply power to electrical or electronic devices, while creating distributed zone control through the ConviaNET devices.  The result is a system that can simultaneously execute multiple energy management strategies.  For example, when someone enters a conference room, the occupancy sensor triggers daylight harvesting sensors to adjust the lights, turns on plug loads, and changes the thermostat set points. 

For more information visit www.lergrand.us.

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