Opus Roof Blanket by Propex

Steep-slope roofing underlayment ensures safer traction and lower temperatures

Opus Roof Blanket by Propex

Designed as an alternative to felt paper and plastic sheeting underlayment, Opus Roof Blanket provides a tear- and rupture-resistant layer of protection under all steep-slope roofing materials.

The non-glare surface and tan color keep the exposed material cool to the touch in direct sunlight. The underlayment provides traction in wet and dry conditions in all four directions and resists rolled edges, providing a safer environment for contractors. Each roll of 8 squares weighs 32 pounds and is 42 inches long.

The Opus Roof Blanket resisted tearing and ripping in ASTM fastener pull-through tests and also meets requirements for the organization’s Class A fire rating for intermittent flame and burning brand decks.

For more information, see www.opusroofblanket.com.


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