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A Diverse Campus Is Protected With Access Control Technology


How They Did It

“The main building was built in 1922 and several additions have been added. Keys were all over the place and installing an access control system allowed me to control the turnover rate when a coworker left,” says Darrell Gunn, safety, security, and transportation coordinator, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Ministry Center, Donaldson, IN. Each building has unique security needs.

For example, the Lindenwood Conference & Retreat Center is a 50-room facility that houses 10,000 to 12,000 people throughout the year. TOPAZ secures 10 doors with HID ProxPoint proximity readers and seven ACURT2 and ACURT4 panels work off one workstation. Each building connects through an RS-232 local area network.

The Catherine Kasper Home nursing home is open to environment, dietary, house cleaning, maintenance, and nursing staff. People need access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maintain and service the facility. Six doors display the proximity readers with three field panels.

Currently, the motherhouse is being installed with nine field panels, and about 35 doors comprise the system. This critical building houses the sisters, administration offices, and a million-dollar kitchen that feeds the entire staff and the college students.

“The TOPAZ system works beautifully in the nursing home,” notes Gunn. “The sisters have free access and other workers have access 15 minutes prior and after their shifts. It has created a safer environment for the 80 elderly residents.”

Nestled serenely next to picturesque Lake Gilbraith in Donaldson, IN, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Ministry Center is a tranquil campus. It is home to seven separate entities: Ancilla College, a liberal arts school; Motherhouse Ancilla Domini, an administration building that houses living quarters for the sisters and a kitchen; Maria Center, an independent senior complex; the Lindenwood Conference and Retreat Center; the Catherine Kasper Home, a nursing home; the Ancilla Beef/Grain Farm; and the Earthworks Environmental Learning Center.

This peaceful center began to feel threatened by the changing dynamic in its surrounding communities. The threats started to affect the open and friendly environment the original founding sisters meant the center to have. The organization needed technology that would not create an obtrusive environmental change. They installed a TOPAZ access control system from InfoGraphic Systems, Garden Grove, CA, to get control.

The separate entities created a challenge for the security department as they decided how to best secure the campus. Permanent and temporary residents lived on campus, and several service departments required access at all times of the day. Physically locking and unlocking doors became labor-intensive for the security patrol staff. Over the years, different types of locks replaced previous locks. Managing keys was a nightmare, and too many keys had been disseminated.

“The security factor and getting control of who had availability to different parts of the building was paramount,” recalls Darrell Gunn, safety, security, and transportation coordinator for PHJC Ministry Center, Donaldson, IN. Gunn and the PHJC Ministry Center worked with Indiana Security to install the TOPAZ access control system. The installation is taking place in five phases.

“Each building is a separate installation or phase,” explains Brad Humphries, director of operations for Indiana Security, Donaldson, IN. “We found that once [the end-users] got used to the system, they increased the number of doors because they liked how the system worked.”

Certain rooms, such as the science labs and the motherhouse, require a higher level of security. The system is also integrated with a motion and glass breakage system on every floor of every building, adding yet another layer of security. TOPAZ is integrated with a Notifier fire suppression system, and will be integrated with a National CCTV system. “The camera is another tool to help the security department cover the campus with a minimal amount of manpower,” says Gunn. “I can control more with less man-hours, and I think that will pay big dividends over the life of the system. The system allows you to be comfortable knowing you’ve done everything to keep people safe.”

Kim Rahfaldt is the public relations manager for InfoGraphic Systems (www.infographicsystems. com), headquartered in Garden Grove, CA.


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