Leverage the Talent Shortage

Other attributes that Chris Lee, president and CEO of CEL & Associates, Inc., says are almost always mentioned by employers as they search for successful candidates include:

  • Overall business acumen and ability to create value
  • Communication skills
  • Sensitivity to and experience in providing customer-centric solutions
  • Professional industry involvement
  • Creativity, motivation, and “extra” effort activities
  • Leadership and collaboration skills

Appealing to Generation Y
Of course, interviews are two-way streets, and candidates will be interviewing your company to ensure a cultural fit like you interview candidates to ensure they will be a professional fit.

“Candidates must do their homework before they have an interview in order to align their experience and capabilities with the values, culture, and style of the organization to which they are applying,” Lee adds. “To recruit young people today, a company must offer a dynamic future and demonstrate that it is a socially conscious, environmentally friendly organization that takes time to build and perfect the skills of its employees. It must have values, demonstrate growth opportunities, and speak the language of Gen Ys.”

For example, successful firms will replace the title “property manager” with “business leader” or “enterprise leader“ when trying to recruit young people into property management. “The title ‘manager’ is not appealing to Gen Ys. Young talent needs opportunities, training, mentorship, and feedback while simultaneously knowing that their voice and opinion counts and that their contributions matter and make a difference,” says Lee, who acknowledges that young candidates also have to adapt for the workplace. “Young people seeking jobs need to dress appropriately and withhold using slang language and Gen Y babble.”

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