Facility Management Back to School Tips

It's that time of year again.  Back to school for facility managers and building owners!

Prevent the spread of bacteria. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, nearly 22 million school days are lost to cold viruses. To help reduce illness and absenteeism, implement a suite of infection prevention tools such as antimicrobial soaps, automated flushing systems and hands-free towel dispensers.

Additionally, enforce a cleaning and disinfection program specifically for high-tough surfaces including door handles, light switches, desks and supplies. Increase cleaning frequency during winter months to prevent against illnesses that thrive during this time, such as the cold and flu. Schedule frequent restroom cleanings throughout the school to disinfect and sanitize these germ hotspots. Use microfiber mops and towels to quickly remove dangerous bacteria and reduce risk of cross-contamination between multiple surfaces.

“Student health and safety should always remain a top priority when cleaning schools,” says Dave Mesko, Senior Director of Marketing and Strategy, Cintas. “By creating a clean and safe environment for students, facility managers will help to reduce absenteeism and improve student performance.”

“Oftentimes, facility managers don’t have the tools and resources available to do it all,” adds Mesko. “By referencing this checklist and partnering with a facility services provider that provides expertise in specific areas, they can help keep schools clean and safe for students, teachers and visitors.”

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