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Why You Need to Know about PACE

Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector offers sustainable technologies for metropolitan areas and their infrastructures.
Offerings include complete traffic and transportation systems, intelligent logistics, efficient energy supply, environmentally compatible building technologies, power modernization, and smart consumption of electricity. Siemens Building Technologies is the world’s market leader for safe and energy efficient “green” buildings and infrastructures. As a service provider, system integrator and product vendor, Building Technologies has offerings for building automation, HVAC, fire protection and security.

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Energy Projects: Jumping the Financial Hurdle Energy Projects: Jumping the Financial Hurdle
Learn the key factors for success.
7 Key Selling Points for Energy Projects 7 Key Selling Points for Energy Projects
The following advice will help you find funding in a period of underspending.

Measurement and Verification Panelboards from Schneider Electric
These Panelboards allow you to more accurately and precisely monitor energy use.

Improve your energy conservation efforts and save money. Achieve energy code compliance, meet designated mandates, obtain LEED certification points and contribute to other vital sustainability efforts with MVP Panelboards.

Review data through existing building management software, or our specialized Energy Insight software to isolate areas of energy waste and improve efficiency.

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U.S. Not #1 How Performance Contracting Helps Finance Energy Projects
Partnering with an energy service company can make energy-efficiency projects possible even when little or no funding exists.

Energy Efficiency at Zero Upfront Cost Energy Efficiency at Zero Upfront Cost
Seize available incentives to get the most value out of your energy projects.

Honeywell LED Industrial Lighting Fixtures
Mercury-free, solid-state, energy efficient industrial LED fixtures offer 50K-hour operating life in a choice of 3500, 4100 & 5000K colors for a wide range of indoor/outdoor lighting applications. Available in surface wrap, vapor tight and industrial strip fixtures to meet your project needs.
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Efficiency Quotientby Schneider Electric Efficiency Quotient
by Schneider Electric
  Pass & Seymour Hospital Grade USB Charger by Legrand Pass & Seymour Hospital Grade USB Charger
by Legrand
Connectrac Wireway by JouleX Connectrac Wireway
by Connectrac
  PowerHouse by Active Power PowerHouse
by Active Power
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Air Handler
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High-output UVC EmittersTM reduce energy expenditures even as an airport expands
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Ascent Media saves energy and goes green with help from McQuay frictionless chiller
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