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Why Energy Efficiency Is Worth the Investment

The financial benefits of energy efficiency upgrades are even higher than you think


Considering an efficiency upgrade for your building? The financial benefits are bigger than ever, according to a new report by the Rhodium Group.

The study, Unlocking American Efficiency, examines the impact of a 30% improvement in U.S. building efficiency by 2030, which its authors say is possible with existing technology and design principles. Such a sizable boost would save $65 billion between commercial, residential, and governmental entities, they found.

“In corporate finance terms, investing in a 30% improvement ... would have an internal rate of return (IRR) of 28.6% over a 10-year period,” the authors note. “An IRR of 28.6% is four times better than average corporate bond yields or average equity performance and more than double the returns even high-performing venture capital firms enjoy.”


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