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Morton Buildings Meeting Demands of Customized Facility Construction


  • Fiddler's Elbow Country Club

    Fiddler's Elbow Country Club

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    The pro shop at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club, described as the focal point of the club, features cut-stone and stucco siding. Plans are also in place for the construction of a maintenance facility.

    Fiddler's Elbow Country Club
  • Building in New Jersey Township of Bedminster

    Building in New Jersey Township of Bedminster

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    The building in the New Jersey township of Bedminster is protected by an architectural shingled roof and Morton’s time-tested Energy Performer insulation package. Both sides of the building showcase porches.

    Building in New Jersey Township of Bedminster
  • Fiddler's Elbow Country Club Interior

    Fiddler's Elbow Country Club Interior

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    Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club chose Morton Buildings to spearhead a complete overhaul of its facilities. The 1,000-acre property also features a long list of private events, as well as tennis, fitness and aquatics facilities.

    Fiddler's Elbow Country Club Interior
  • Country Club Employee at Desk

    Country Club Employee at Desk

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    Morton Buildings worked hand-in-hand with the country club to deliver the 3,580-square-foot project that also features a “cart barn”. A Morton construction crew from Phillipsburg, New Jersey completed the project.

    Country Club Employee at Desk

Commercial construction has become more complex than ever before. A building that serves specific needs for a business is critical for growth and sustained success.

The designBUILD group at Morton Buildings has become an important cog in the evolving landscape of commercial construction. The construction-led staff of project managers, construction estimators, drafting technicians and construction coordinators makes up a team that continues to deliver fully customized, high-end commercial facilities across the United States.

“(Morton) was able to modify what they normally do to help us have the architectural needs that we wanted to have,” said Tom Hurley, general manager of Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in the New Jersey township of Bedminster. “Particularly in our pro shop building – it’s the focal point of the club – the architecture is very important.”

The new pro shop features cut-stone and stucco siding. The wainscot of the building also features cut stone. Both sides of the building showcase porches and an eyebrow overhang. The building is protected by an architectural shingled roof and Morton’s Energy Performer insulation package.

Morton’s staff worked hand-in-hand in providing the perfect customized facility for the club.

“With the architecture and the actual design, there was a good amount of back and forth, and they were very creative,” Hurley said. “They came up with some suggestions that we used in the final product.”

Most importantly, the facility has become a point of pride for the club and its membership. Fiddler’s Elbow boasts New Jersey’s only 54-hole golf club.

“The reaction to the facility has been phenomenal. The members are thrilled with the building, the way it looks, the flow and everything. It suits everybody, it’s really a great thing. I’ve had other managers and other owners of country clubs come by just to see it because they heard about what a great facility it’s turned out to be.”

In business since 1903, Morton has been a kingpin in farm construction for generations. And while it continues to produce industry-leading agricultural facilities throughout America’s heartland, Morton’s place in the industry has evolved.

“My perception of Morton – I didn’t really think they’d be able to do it,” Hurley admitted. “But the architectural features and the suggestions they made regarding … what they could do really surprised me. I hate to say that I thought Morton was always (building) box buildings, barn-type buildings, but I was really impressed with the final product and the architecture. I was really amazed at what they were able to add elements that we were looking for and to make suggestions to us for the final product. So it was great.”

With his new club facilities thriving, Hurley can’t say enough about the Morton process.

“The final product really exceeded our expectations. We really weren’t sure – we saw the drawings … and it’s hard to envision the final product, even with the detail that they supplied with us. The final product is just superior. You would never know it’s a Morton building or anything else. It really looks great.”

For a tour of Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club, click here


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