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Image-Enhancement Services

Repair damage to maintain image and avoid replacement costs


Key Benefits of Image-Enhancement Services

  • Lengthens the time between large-scale renovations.
  • Renovation results are extended.
  • Upholstery is regularly cleaned instead of replaced.
  • Services are flexible and user friendly; many of the services can be done on- or off-site.
  • Doors, moldings, frames, floors, and furniture can all look brand new.
  • Services can be varied according to your budget.
  • Saves up to 20 percent on your maintenance budget for furniture.
  • Representatives ensure the company’s image is accurately projected.


One of the most efficient ways to cut costs in a maintenance budget is to invest in an image-enhancement service. Many times, furniture can be restored to a like-new condition, but often is replaced instead, costing building owners thousands of dollars.

A company’s image is enhanced or tarnished by details, which can affect every aspect of the business. Image-enhancement services can provide a cosmetic treatment to wood surfaces of a building, giving it a fresh appearance. It can also be applied to office and professional buildings, hotel/motels, hospitals and nursing homes, or commercial sites.

Just as your employees keep a clean, professional appearance, so, too, should a company be expected to maintain its building’s interiors and furniture. Worn or damaged furniture is one of the most obvious details that can give a bad impression; however, this same “problem area” often can be restored at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Though you may not realize it, your customers are noticing scuffs, dents, and other signs of age and wear. Marks can easily add up on molding, frames, doors, desks, walls, and floors over time. By the time you notice the accumulated damages, a costly replacement may be necessary. Wood and upholstery on furniture in lounges and waiting areas should be checked carefully, and flooring should also be repaired, buffed, cleaned, and waxed regularly.

An image-enhancement service representative should work very closely with management or maintenance employees to gain a clear understanding of the image that the company wants to pro­ject. Many repairs can be done on- or off-site, depending on the client’s preference. And, when work is completed, the representative should conduct a monthly or quarterly walk-through with clients.

Utilizing an image-enhancement service lengthens the time between large-scale renovations. With monthly upkeep on furniture, walls, and floors, the time between remodeling is substantially longer and renovation results are extended.

These services can also help after extensive building construction, providing touch-ups to furniture and floors due to rough, heavy traffic. It is important to keep the facility in top-notch condition, showing customers and colleagues that everything is in order.

Employing image-enhancement services on an ongoing basis shows customers that you care about details, thereby improving your overall reputation while saving thousands of dollars in replacements.

Robert Lord has been restoring furniture as a hobby and a business for 35 years. He purchased a Furniture Medic franchise 10 years ago after retiring as a lieutenant from the New York City Police Department after 25 years. For more information about Furniture Medic, go to (


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