Editors’ Choice: Herman Miller Lights the Way

01/22/2007 |

The Buildings editorial staff tests out the Leaf Personal Light and rates it based on energy efficiency, functionality, life-cycle cost, and design/aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency Using 40-percent less energy than a compact-fluorescent bulb, Leaf’s LEDs offer facilities professionals the ultimate in efficient lighting.

Functionality Easy-to-use fingertip controls - the easy-to-find on/off button and lamp-color and intensity adjustments - are extremely responsive to a light touch. iPod-like controls will make it attractive to a younger generation.

Life-Cycle Cost The steep first cost associated with this lamp is mitigated by its long life - up to 100,000 hours of use. Plus, work-order requests to change expired lamps are sure to drop.

Design/Aesthetics The design is ultra-modern (appealing to many users, but perhaps less so to traditionalists). Due to its size, the light is most ideal for spacious environments. (We’d love a mini version for more-compact work environments!)

Leaf Personal Light

The Leaf Personal Light, designed by Yves Béhar of San Francisco-based fuseproject for Herman Miller Inc., Zeeland, MI, uses innovative LED technology (a combination of blue-white and yellow-white LED chips that provide “cool” or “warm” illumination) to bring the human touch to lighting. Manage lighting intensity, color, and on/off by simply touching the task light’s intuitive controls; when turned on again later, the unit retains previous color and intensity settings. The blades of the Leaf’s spirited design are thin and sculptural; five colors coordinate with a variety of settings. Most importantly, this energy-efficient product uses only 8 to 9 watts of power, or 40-percent less than a compact-fluorescent bulb. Leaf is designed for the office, as well as living areas, and has a substantially longer life than conventional light sources - up to 100,000 hours of use.

More information on Leaf is available at (www.hermanmiller.com).

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