Editors’ Choice: Toasty-Toes Takes the Chill Out of Winter

The editorial staff rates Indus-Tool’s ergonomic heated footrest


Functionality Easy to use right out of the box, the unit works great as a footrest and heats best this way, too - especially when the user's shoes are slipped off. (Several of us liked using it as a footrest even when the heating element wasn't turned on, which helped improve posture and reduce back and leg strain.)

Energy Efficiency Unlike energy-hogging space heaters, Toasty Toes requires minimal energy to operate. Radiant heat (vs. a fan) makes the unit less likely to put out enough heat to alter zone thermostats. However, this truly is a solution for building occupants seeking slight comfort improvements in their immediate workspaces; it will not solve larger heating issues.

Safety Even when used as a radiant heat panel, the product is not too hot to the touch, thereby minimizing the likelihood of overheating and igniting adjacent materials. Nonetheless, like all personal heating equipment, Toasty Toes should be turned off when not being actively used.

Aesthetics The unit's black color and slim profile help it blend in with its surroundings; the design is mostly functional without being a blemish to the overall space.

Toasty Toes

From Chicago-based Indus-Tool, the Toasty Toes deluxe ergonomic heated footrest offers gentle, radiant heat to keep users' feet warm while seated at their workspace. Consuming only one-tenth the energy of a space heater (and safer, too), the footrest is adjustable for maximum comfort (with three convenient positions, including one as an upright heat panel). Use anywhere; the elegant black-on-black embossed design matches any décor.

More information on Indus-Tool's Toasty Toes deluxe ergonomic heated footrest is available at (www.indus-tool.com).


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