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Editors' Choice: Symmetry™ Software for High-Performance Security

The editorial staff rates AMAG Technology's Symmetry software


As far as administration, reporting, and control capabilities, there's lots of opportunity with Symmetry. Basically, you can make it function as you need it to. Access control, video management, alarm management, identity management, visitor management, etc. are all rolled into this single system. As far as we're concerned, there are no essential functions that this system can't fulfill. Add-on modules (although we didn't test them) may be needed to further increase functionality.

Kudos on this attribute: The system accommodates a variety of situations. It's an off-the-shelf solution that's flexible enough to accommodate many events. Permission levels are easy to set and change, and can integrate with human resources databases, if that's one of your goals. System alarms can also be customized - you can choose who receives certain alarm notifications.

It's intuitive, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Without proper training, we understood pretty quickly how the system is organized. With some formal preparation on how to use the software system, you'll be able to master the functions without much trouble.

There are lots of options here, including those that influence actionable items, as well as those that provide a warning alert. The system's ability to quickly lock down an entire office park or campus during an emergency is a great feature; two or three clicks make all access points secure. Another plus: Monitoring isn't broken if communication between hardware and the server is severed. The hardware will continue working, even if the server goes down.

Symmetry™ Security Software

(Based on a 5-star scale)

Symmetry Security Management Systems, from Torrance, CA-based AMAG Technology Inc., provide powerful, integrated solutions for any organization that requires automated security—from small offices needing a few cardreaders to large companies spread across multiple sites and countries. Symmetry allows users to configure, monitor, and control security applications, which might include setting up cardholders, assigning rights, producing reports, monitoring alarm conditions, and controlling hardware (such as cameras and readers). An extensive range of standard features offers ease in customizing the system to exact requirements. Symmetry Professional, Symmetry Enterprise, and Symmetry Global (supporting needs from small to large organizations) feature true client/server solutions; each user's PC communicates over an organization's LAN, WAN, or Internet with a single-server machine that holds the system's databases. Since the software solution has been designed to use minimal bandwidth, an existing network can be used, resulting in little or no additional networking costs. Find more information about Symmetry Security Software.

Editors' Note: As part of this review, the editorial staff interviewed an institutional (higher-ed) user that has used AMAG's Symmetry software since January 2008.


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