Workrite Sierra is a Workstation Solution for Every Body

08/01/2008 |

The editorial staff rates Workrite's Sierra Workstation

Comfort/Adjustability Because comfort and adjustability go hand in hand, the Workrite Sierra performed well here. We tested the electronic model, and it was so easy to adjust: just with the push of a button. No matter how we wanted to sit or stand, this workstation accommodated it.

Aesthetics The finish options are pretty standard and will blend nicely in most offices. The strength of this system, however, is its functionality - not necessarily its aesthetic appeal. If you're looking to make a bold, dramatic statement with your office furniture, this probably won't do it.

Durability We thought the desk seemed very sturdy - a must-have feature for what will definitely be a heavy-use product. It's also very easy to clean. Our only complaint: The accessories don't seem to match the workstation's level of durability.

Ease of Use With this product, the user-friendliness aspect began as soon as we unpacked it (which was the most difficult part of putting together/using the workstation). In this case, assembly was achieved by two editors who had virtually zero experience with putting things together. Armed with a power drill, they accomplished the task easily - no proprietary tools were needed. After the system was assembled, we discovered that use of the system is just as easy as putting it together. The settings are simple to understand; anyone who walks up to the desk can instantly figure out how to adjust it. You don't need to read a manual before you sit down (or stand up) at the desk. And, even though it is very intuitive, a small instruction book is provided, along with an adhesive sleeve, so that users can mount it underneath the worksurface and have easy access to it whenever necessary.

Workrite Sierra™ Workstation

(Based on a 5-star scale) 

The Workrite Sierra™ from Petaluma, CA-based Workrite Ergonomics is all about range, style, and flexibility. This workcenter is the only workcenter that currently exceeds BIFMA requirements. This height-adjustable desk has the ability to meet almost any size requirements (from the fifth percentile to the 95th percentile). The entire worksurface can be raised or lowered as needed (either electronically or manually, depending on the model): from 22 inches to 48 inches (or 34 inches, with the manual version), and anywhere in between. The electronic version rises at a rate of 2 inches per second and has a lifting capability of 250 pounds (the manual version has a lifting capability of 150 pounds). The Workrite Sierra solves a variety of workplace challenges: It's ideal for office spaces that provide touchdown/hoteling work areas, as well as for tenants/occupants who prefer to switch positions throughout the workday. (Most ergonomists agree that alternating between standing and sitting reduces the need for extended breaks, increasing employee productivity.) A variety of accessories is also available to accompany the Workrite Sierra, adding even more functionality to its worksurface.

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