Keep Building Fires from Spreading with No Burn

09/01/2008 |

The editorial staff rates No Burn of California's No Burn product line

Performance As one editor notes, we tried our hardest to prove the manufacturer's claims wrong, but we couldn't do it. The objects treated with No Burn (fake dollar bills, paper towels, a few 2x4s, and some drywall) didn't ignite—even when the non-treated materials surrounding them were covered in flames. When half of a product was covered with the retardant, the flame went out immediately when it reached the treated area. The bottom line: This product will definitely increase the likelihood of safely escaping a building fire.

Appearance In many instances, this product is being applied to the infrastructure of the building, so you can't see it. But, some of the products in the line can be applied to drapes, furniture, etc. The clear coating isn't very noticeable and wouldn't interfere with aesthetics. There is no change in color or texture—the only thing you might notice is an increased "shine," especially on wood. And, we think that any slight change to the appearance of walls or fabrics is worth the added layer of protection.

Range of Options This product line is very comprehensive. You can protect the wood frame of your building, your drywall, furniture, etc. The list goes on. We can't really think of anything in a building that couldn't be protected with No Burn.

Environmental Attributes No Burn products cut down on mold growth, reduce toxic smoke, are non-carcinogenic, are environmentally safe, etc. But, we don't know much about the manufacturing process. Is it green or produced in an environmentally friendly way? We're not sure.

No Burn fire retardants/reactants

(Based on a 5-star scale)

No Burn of California—a Rowland Heights, CA-based company that's owned by former senior-level building code and regulatory executives—offers advanced, effective technology for protecting property and building occupants. No Burn's line of fire retardants/reactants helps keep a building and its assets from catching fire; the line is made up of products that can be used on specific surfaces (wood, drywall, furniture, carpet, etc.) to protect any kind of commercial/institutional structure.

The No Burn line allows facilities professionals to protect their buildings starting from the inside, safeguarding the bones of the building with No Burn Wood Gard (a Class-A fire retardant) and No Burn Wood Gard Mih (a dual-action Class-A fire retardant and toxic black mold growth inhibitor). Next comes the interior of the structure with No Burn Plus (a Class-A intumescing fire reactant) and No Burn Plus Mih (a dual-action product that serves as a fire reactant and a toxic black mold growth inhibitor), which are used as primers or paints. Lastly, protection for interior furnishings and fabrics is available with No Burn Fabric Fire Gard (a clear liquid).

Another positive note: Several major lenders and insurance companies offer discounts to developers who have structures fully treated with No Burn products.

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