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Editors' Choice: Clean Smarter with WypAll Cloths


Performance We were surprised at how well the WypAll cleaning cloths performed. As opposed to cleaning with paper or cotton alternatives, these microfiber cloths picked up dirt and dust better (instead of merely shifting them around). The cloths, especially when damp, leave surfaces visibly clean and smooth—not smeared.

Durability The cloths held up well during repeated use, and didn't stain. Dirt and grime were easily removed by rinsing or laundering. According to one editor, "The cloths are so soft that it's hard to think of them as heavy-duty cleaning equipment, but that's how they perform." These thick cloths aren't likely to develop tears or holes after multiple uses and washes.

Cost Efficiency Because WypAll cloths can be reused again and again, the life-cycle cost is significantly less than disposable, or less durable, options. And, while you can throw out the germs and grime with disposable products, WypAll offers a more sustainable option with superior cleanability. With antimicrobial protection that doesn't wear off, even after 300 washes, the cloths are a smart, green investment.

Hygiene Based on the manufacturer's claims, the Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection on the cloths doesn't let bacteria grow, unlike regular cleaning cloths. It even prevents cross contamination. In healthcare buildings—or in any building where there are lots of people—it would be reassuring to know that you're doing all you can to lessen the spread of germs.

WypAll Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 

(Based on a 5-star scale)

WypAll Microfiber Cleaning Cloths clean surfaces while inhibiting the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria on cleaning cloths. Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection makes it impossible for bacteria to grow and reproduce on the cloth—even after repeated laundering. According to the manufacturer, Roswell, GA-based Kimberly-Clark Professional, WypAll Microfiber Cleaning Cloths with Microban Protection remove up to 99 percent of bacteria from nonporous surfaces. The cloths are durable and absorbent, holding up to eight times their weight in liquid, and can be used wet, dry, or damp. For more information, visit


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