Editors' Choice: GRAFFITI SHIELD Helps Owners Fight Back

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Editors' Choice: GRAFFITI SHIELD Helps Owners Fight Back

The editorial staff rates GRAFFITI SHIELD


Ease of Application With clear-cut instructions, it was easy to mix parts A and B to activate the coating (the hardest part was opening the cans). Once the two parts were mixed, the application was simple and straightforward; however, using a spray applicator would have allowed for a more even, concentrated application vs. the foam brush we used. Our experience proved that application without proper equipment, or by someone other than a trained professional, can compromise the product's performance.

Aesthetics Any change to the coated materials was negligible, with only a slight sheen left on certain surfaces. Treated exterior surfaces won't be visibly different once this product is applied, and the added protection will give you peace of mind.

Odor When mixing the two parts together, the smell given off is strong, so make sure that the mixing occurs outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. As the VOC-compliant product dries - drying time is quick - the odor quickly dissipates, with no noticeable smells lingering.

Performance With proper application and some aggressive scrubbing, we were able to totally remove the graffiti we had created on the surface; spray paint and permanent marker seemed to float on top of the surface, leaving it unscathed and clean. For facilities prone to vandalism, this product would be well worth the investment.

GRAFFITI SHIELD coating and cleaner system

(Based on a 5-star scale)

One of the most frustrating problems facing building owners and facilities managers - the deliberate defacing of property - can be addressed with GRAFFITI SHIELD, a two-component, urethane-modified acrylic coating and cleaner system from Spokane Valley, WA-based United Coatings. GRAFFITI SHIELD's water-based, cross-linked technology creates an attractive, low-luster finish that's easy to apply; highly resistant to most types of aerosol spray paints, permanent markers, dirt, soot, pollution, and other airborne contaminants; and holds up to repeated cleaning with no visible effects. Effective on most properly prepared exterior substrates, this "breather" coating allows moisture to escape from a building interior while providing excellent water-repellent characteristics on its exterior. For more information, visit http://www.unitedcoatings.com/.


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