Editors’ Choice: Transform Any Space with IdeaPaint

01/01/2009 |

IdeaPaint turns almost any smooth surface into a high-performance dry-erase board


Ease of Application Applying IdeaPaint is easy after you read the directions: Simply prime, sand, mix, and then roll on, keeping a wet edge. Although IdeaPaint conforms to all U.S. EPA regulations, is formaldehyde free, and produces no off-gassing once it's dry, you should expect a strong odor during application. The other slight drawback to the product is the cure time; it'll be hard to keep tenants/occupants from using it for a full week.

Functionality The result was just as promised - a glossy, fully functional dry-erase surface. It's easy to clean, even after the marker has been on the surface for a while. After our sample baked in the sun for more than a week, the dry-erase marker still wiped clean, with no ghosting or permanent marks remaining.

Versatility Because IdeaPaint can be applied to virtually any smooth surface, the options for use are limitless - you can even transform old classroom chalkboards into whiteboards. IdeaPaint allows you to provide dry-erase surfaces in any shape or size; if you need the space for another use down the road, you can paint right over it.

Cost Since it's paint, it will never "break" like a traditional whiteboard. You can put it on/in spaces where a traditional whiteboard might not work. You can also make the dry-erase surface any size you want, whereas traditional whiteboards come in standard sizes. And, you don't put anything into the landfill when you're ready to get rid of the product - you just paint over it. These features make it a cost-effective alternative to traditional whiteboards. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

IdeaPaint high-performance dry-erase board paint.

(Based on a 5-star scale)

IdeaPaint, with company locations in Boston and San Francisco, transforms almost any smooth surface into a high-performance dry-erase board - without seams, borders, or restrictions on size or placement. This roller-applied paint can turn underutilized spaces into places for collaboration, brainstorming, or training. Just one coat of IdeaPaint is needed on a vertical surface. Once applied, the surface won't stain or get dirty over time, making the product ideal for heavy use. When the dry-erase surface is no longer desired, simply scuff, prime, and paint over it. For more information, visit www.ideapaint.com.

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