Prentice Hospital Shares Lessons Learned During New Construction

02/16/2009 |

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February 16, 2009
Prentice Hospital Shares Lessons Learned During New Construction
Prentice Hospital Shares Lessons Learned During New Construction
Flexibility, sustainability, and commissioning at a Chicago hospital improved patient care while supporting future growth.
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Non-Profit Eco-Resort Planned
The world's first non-profit and luxury eco-resort community will be built in the Philippines.
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Editors’ Choice: Transform Any Space with IdeaPaint
IdeaPaint turns almost any smooth surface into a high-performance dry-erase board.
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Tupelo, MS, to Consider Energy Savings
A climate-action plan proposed for the city of Tupelo will recommend a series of changes aimed to reduce energy use and save money within municipal government.
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Real Estate’s 2009 Agenda
BOMA Intl. predicts which real estate issues will be addressed by Congress and the new administration.
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BOMA's Sustainable Operations Series of Webinars

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