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CA3000 v.2.7 software by Continental Access

CA3000 v.2.7 software by Continental Access

Continental Access recently released new and improved CA3000 v.2.7 software that works at super-fast speeds for seamless multi-tasking duty – even during the peak traffic hours of the most bustling building. This is Continental’s fastest, most robust software to date, enabling ultra-quick door open times under a half a second, even processing complex and long-string credentials, such as those in FIPS201 PIV badges. With the new version, downloads take 50- to 75-percent less time with faster direct connection speeds that surpass 921 kbps and can process up to 54MIPS (million instructions per second) with 32bit accelerator board that connects to the Continental’s Supeterm or Turbo Superterrm controllers.


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