Spring Cleaning your Office

April 25, 2011

Staples Advantage, the B2B division of Staples, Inc., has released a document containing tips and tricks for moving your office and staff into spring. 

Office productivity is often a topic of concern for facility managers and professionals, and these broad stroke bullet points can help guide initiatives and operations leading into the spring season.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible solutions and strategies for an office “spring cleaning”.

Get organized and be more productive

  • Evaluate what’s on your desk – tame clutter with desk and drawer organizers.
  • Consider multipurpose furniture to maximize space – did you know filing cabinets can do more than just store paperwork?  For instance, Staples Advantage offers “mobile pedestals” – filing cabinets with plush tops that transform into seats for visitors and contribute to a more collaborative environment.
  • Redecorate on a budget – spruce up your office by introducing change. Modular furniture lends itself well to rearrangements.
  • Go green – create eco-conscious workspaces and improve indoor air quality through the use of environmentally-preferable furniture. 

Keep your office clean and germ free by using sustainable cleaners for your desk, kitchen, breakroom and other common areas.

  • Creating a happy, healthy and clean office may lead to a more productive workforce. Make sure that you have easily accessible hand and surface sanitizing products and supply tissues throughout the office. Set aside time for personal work space clean ups. 
  • A Staples Advantage survey found that 92 percent of workers eat at their desk. By setting aside time for employees to clean and sanitize, as well as providing the proper cleaning tools such as sanitizing wipes, power towels and spray, you can have a healthier and more germ-conscious workforce this spring.  
  • Be green while you clean! With new environmentally-preferable cleaning supplies and paper products, such as Sustainable Earth by Staples cleaning solutions, wipes and recycled paper towels, you can help make your work space sparkle and sustainable.

Redecorating doesn’t have to blow your budget. Easy and cost-effective changes can help refresh your décor

  • A change of paint can help freshen up an office space and make an old, drab area feel new. Consider idea-paint that can be used to turn an un-used wall into a whiteboard to inspire creativity and collaboration.
  • Clueless when it comes to interior design? Consider enlisting the help of a designer who can help you determine what works for your space and guide you the process.
  • Think about working with what you have to help save money. Instead of purchasing new furniture, update your existing pieces with new fabrics. Different colors and textures can go a long way in giving your office a facelift.

Don’t be so literal – consider “spring cleaning” your technology

  • Consider replacing older laptops with new tablets to save space, increase portability and enable workers to access important information anytime, anywhere.
  • If you are still using a desktop or laptop, consider replacing your old keyboard with an ergonomic one that alleviates wrist pressure, and promotes proper hand and finger positioning. (Use of ergonomic chairs and other furniture can also improve productivity and morale.)
  • Do something green for the environment – recycle old technology such as printers, monitors, and ink toners.
  • Clean it up – blow out dust from all electronic components and wipe down all video displays and touch panels.
  • Update your infrastructure – remove any applications that are no longer required on your PC, smartphone, etc.  And don’t forget to update your IT library & backup procedures: This is one of the most important pieces of your technology spring cleaning. Organize all computer documentation, software CDs, licenses, hardware inventory, and make sure you have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

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