The bar for facility efficiency gets ever higher, and the performance of your buildings’ mechanical/electrical/plumbing (M|E|P) systems is the major determiner of that efficiency. 


The Smart M|E|P Expo will provide you with tools to help you manage and upgrade your M|E|P systems efficiently. It will also help you to make profitable decisions about upfront costs vs. lifecycle costs—the evaluation that leads to smart M|E|P systems.


The Smart M|E|P Expo’s valuable resources are provided via a virtual exhibit floor with live experts, live video presentations, webinars from system experts, downloadable whitepapers and case studies, real-time Q&As and networking lounges.


You will be able to participate with other attendees in live chat sessions regarding the topics presented, ask questions of industry solutions providers and network with peers.  You can place valuable conference materials such as whitepapers and product information in your “briefcase” where you can archive, download and come back to as often as you need to.


Upcoming Webinars

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