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Did You Vacuum the Toilet?

Increasingly stringent water use rules will lead to innovative technologies for restrooms, check out this rundown of smart options that can help water conservation efforts.

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How to Conquer Your Building’s Plug Load Challenges

Plug load costs can add up quickly, keep them under control with this valuable advice.

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Green Buildings vs. Non-Green Buildings

With all the buzz about green buildings, what makes a facility green? Check out this advice to learn key aspects to sustainable performance.

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How To Prepare Your Hospital For Severe Weather Emergencies

Is your healthcare facility prepared if the worst should happen? This guide can help you take steps to mitigate the threat.

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Using Integrated Louvers for Optimal Daylight and Energy Management

Integrated louvers can offer a variety of benefits for your building, take a look at this guide to learn if this option is right for your facility's needs.

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Top 3 Lighting Trends to Look for in 2016

Lighting technology is constantly evolving, check out this list of trends to keep an eye on as 2016 begins.

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Evaluating Carbon Dioxide Data Loggers – 5 Important Considerations

CO2 data loggers can provide a multitude of benefits for your building, take a look at this guide to selecting the perfect option for your property.

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Managing a Successful Change in Facilities: Embrace Your Inner Strategist, Data Geek, and Communicator

Handling facility changes is never easy but by embodying skills of your colleagues, you can ensure a smooth transition.

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Specifying Rigid Foam Insulation in Cold Storage Applications: 3 Considerations

Insulating cold storage areas can be difficult, check out this industry advice that outlines key considerations for the specification process.

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Are TLEDs the Right Option for My Facility?

Considering TLED's for your building? Check out this industry advice to learn the right questions to ask before committing.

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