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7 Ways Underlayment Can Add Value to Replacement Floors in Renovations

The right choice of underlayment could add value to your floor renovation, take a look at this valuable industry advice to learn what you should be looking for. 

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White Glove Security Enhances Bottom Line Real Estate Value

The right security practices can increase your multifamily building's value and ensure residents that their safety is of utmost concern. 

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Use Real-Time and Simulated Data to Enhance System Reliability

What you don't know could hurt your bottom line! Use this valuable industry advice to make sure you have all the information.

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Why BEMS Systems May Soon Be Extinct

Are BEMS systems due to be replaced with a smarter, more efficient solution?

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What Facility Managers Should Know about Workloading

Workloading cut could your cleaning costs, have you looked into this option for janitorial task management?

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Restore Metal Roofing in the Field Using PVDF Latex Coatings

Could PVDF coatings be the right choice for your metal roof?

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Locking Technology for the Bathroom

Could locking bathroom technology invigorate your next retrofit? Take a look at some valuable industry advice to find out. 

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Gunshot Detection Technology: A New Advantage in Your Security Arsenal

Learn how gunshot detection technology could be your key to stopping dangerous situations faster and more reliably. 

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6 LEED Retrofit Questions a Quantity Surveyor Can Help Answer

Considering a retrofit to earn LEED certification for your building? Take a look at what the experts say with this valuable industry advice. 

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Using Robots for Building Maintenance

Advances in technology are making robotics more and more viable for crucial facility tasks, are you taking advantage of the benefits they can offer?

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