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The Top 4 Building Security Mistakes and Solutions

Don't get caught making 4 common security mistakes, keep your building, its assets, and your occupants secure with these tips.

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4 Areas Where Electronic Locking Mechanisms Can Protect Your Building's Assets

Connect building security and enclosure access with electronic locking mechanisms. 

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How to Handle Counterespionage

What a facility manager should do when management wants a bug sweep.

Analog to IP: Make the Paradigm Shift

A number of commercial and institutional facility owners and management professionals are still trying to squeeze the last life out of legacy surveillance systems, unwilling to fully participate or unable to invest in the migration to Internet Protocol (IP)-based systems.

With the affordability of IP-based video surveillance systems, however, organizations can use this tool to leverage business intelligence gathering, maintain the safety of facilities, and attract and keep tenants.

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