Center for Connected Medicine
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Find out how this one-of-a-kind experience center uses high-end communication and presentation technologies to change the way the healthcare industry experiences and conducts business.



The Center for Connected Medicine (CCM), located in Pittsburgh, PA, showcases high-level communication, computing, networking, and healthcare technologies. Addressing how the healthcare industry conducts business, CCM employs flexible, high-end presentation technologies to create an innovative patient management showcase. Outfitted in the city's tallest skyscraper, simulated hospital environments allow administrators to experience systems at work. One project goal was making sure presentation technologies didn't distract from the content being presented. The space also had to be highly configurable. An interactive Flash program greets visitors; reacting to movement and gestures, highly stylized images interact with guests, drawing them into the experience.


Learning Objectives
  1. Identify ways in which the Center for Connected Medicine addresses recent changes in the healthcare industry via technology.
  2. List the major AV components of the Center for Connected Medicine.
  3. Explain how the design team conducted quality assurance measures.
  4. Describe the design challenges resulting from the requirements of integrating the design into an existing space in a historical skyscraper.



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Mark Gillis-Principal, The Sextant Group, Inc.


For over 25 years Mark has been involved in the media systems industry as sound mixer, media systems designer, systems contractor, technical director and operations manager.

Mark has significant experience in the design and integration of sophisticated audio and video systems.



Ed "Duke" Dukstein-System Designer, The Sextant Group, Inc.


"Duke" is an exceptional systems engineer with more than 20 years experience in audiovisual systems design, sound reinforcement, and recording and mixing in commercial production studios.

His experience in configuration, integration, and operations of digital workstations for audio and video production, editing, and post- production studios offered a unique point of view for this project.


Brendan Dillon-Senior Engineer, SoundCom Systems





Paul Fussner-President, SoundCom Systems





Sheri Spoharski, Principal/Shareholder, The Design Alliance


Sheri Spoharski joined The Design Alliance in 1996. Her experience includes interior design and architecture for numerous notable projects such as the Heinz World Headquarters and the Heinz 57 Center in Pittsburgh, PA, Del Monte Foods in Pittsburgh, PA, and Thorp, Reed and Armstrong's LEED Certified renovation and expansion in Pittsburgh, PA. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Architecture (Interiors) from Syracuse University and is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.



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