Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House
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Knowing that the Winspear Opera House would host operas as well as other types of performances, the project team shares how a hidden voice-lift system and retractable music system was installed that is invisible to patrons, but allows non-opera performances to be heard throughout the hall.



While professional opera singers have no trouble being heard from every seat in an opera house, amplification (voice lift) is required for stage announcements and voice support for off-stage choruses. The challenge for the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House, which is located in Dallas, TX. The voice lift/performance sound systems can’t be visible. The systems also need to be removable for opera performances. In addition installing a hidden (and removable) voice lift system, another central design issue involved maintaining low latency among devices in the digital audio network.


Learning Objectives
  1. List specific elements of the Winspear Opera House’s AV system that enable the system to operate inconspicuously for opera performances.
  2. Compare the different sound system requirements of various types of musical performances held at Winspear Opera House.
  3. Identify specific design challenges faced by the Winspear Opera House project team that were overcome by timing, teamwork, and collaboration.
  4. Apply cost-saving techniques involved in the design of the Winspear Opera House to future design projects.



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Martin Van Dijk, Engineering Harmonics    


Martin Van Dijk is a senior consultant and the design lead at Engineering Harmonics. With 32 years’ experience in the conception, design and execution of sound reinforcement, control, AV, production, and recording systems of various types, Martin has a unique understanding of technology and the drivers for change. As design lead, Martin has established many of the conception, design and documentation processes and methodologies, including an in-house database program that effectively manages cable, conduit and backbox designs. His efforts have resulted in improved efficiency and effectiveness of the company's products and services.



Jeffrey White, Clair Brothers     


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