Maximize Cooling Tower Efficiency to Maximize Savings
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Don’t let an inefficient cooling tower evaporate your maintenance dollars.





Return to BUILDINGSVIP home pageWhen not properly designed and maintained, more than just water evaporates from your building's cooling tower. This webinar will discuss the balance of bleed and water makeup and address money-wasting problems, including drift, legionella, corrosive bacteria and unsafe cleaning practices. Don't let an inefficient cooling tower evaporate your maintenance dollars!


Learning Objectives
  • Understand principles of correct cooling tower design and the difference between open and closed systems
  • Understand how to properly balance cooling tower bleed and makeup.
  • Learn strategies to improve the performance of your cooling tower.




Patrick M. O'Donnell, CIEC
President, Enviro Team Group Inc.


Patrick is President of Enviro Team Group Inc., a firm specializing in Building Diagnostics, Indoor Environmental Assessments, Forensic Investigations, Diagnostic/Forensic Air Test & Balance, Building and HVAC efficiency assessments, and Training Services. He has been involved in the control of indoor environments since 1973. He holds a Certified Air Conditioning Contractors License (Florida) of unlimited capacity; he is a Certified Air Test & Balance Professional, a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC). He is an active member of ASHRAE.




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