Daylighting Plans for Existing Buildings

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Understand the principles and benefits of daylighting.





Return to BUILDINGSVIP home pageExisting buildings have many opportunities to capitalize on active and passive daylighting even though their site orientation and other features are fixed. By assessing your building, its site and the interior daylit zone, you can fine-tune its performance and harvest the maximum benefits.


This webinar will take you step-by-step through the process of assessing your existing building and implementing enhanced lighting controls, window shading and film, and other daylighting techniques that provide an energy-savings payoff. Utilizing new research on data from the California Commercial End-Use Survey, the webinar will also discuss metrics that can be used to estimate the energy savings from various daylighting approaches.


Learning Objectives
  • Understand the principles and benefits of daylighting.
  • Understand how to assess opportunities for daylighting in existing buildings.
  • Learn metrics that help to project the potential performance of daylighting in various situations.




Mudit Saxena
Associate Director, Heschong Mahone Group, Inc.


Mudit Saxena is an Associate Director at the Heschong Mahone Group. His work includes building energy research and analysis; energy simulation; design consulting on various aspects of energy efficiency, especially daylighting; codes and standards development; and energy monitoring and field assessment. At HMG, his work has largely impacted national and state level energy codes, energy efficiency programs, daylighting research, as well as energy efficiency in individual buildings. Mr. Saxena holds a Master of Science degree in Building Design with a major in Energy and Climate Responsive Design from Arizona State University and a Bachelors degree in Architecture.