Event: The Economics of Energy-Efficient Envelopes

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The Economics of Energy-Efficient Envelopes
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Learn the strategies for improving building envelope performance that save money, energy, and resources.





Return to BUILDINGSVIP home pageIt's no secret that energy efficiency tops everyone's priorities, and that the potential cost savings can be substantial. As the building's thermal barrier, the exterior envelope is critical to energy performance. Well-designed upgrades reduce HVAC costs, maximize component longevity, improve comfort, and increase property value.


This webinar outlines strategies for improving building envelope performance that save money, energy, and resources. Participants will learn strategies for optimizing building envelope performance through identifying and correcting energy leaks. The session will include information on LEED, building code requirements, and government incentives for building envelope upgrades. Building life cycle and durability will also be considered, particularly as they pertain to capital improvements and expenditures.


Learning Objectives
  • Assess the thermal performance of existing facades, roofs, windows, and doors, and evaluate strategies for improving energy efficiency.
  • Determine whether retrofitting for energy savings is worth the investment.
  • Establish a realistic building envelope energy plan that is part of a multi-component energy management strategy.




Richard P. Kadlubowski, AIA
Senior Vice President and Director, Hoffmann Architects


Richard P. Kadlubowski manages the Washington D.C. area office of Hoffmann Architects, a specialized practice focused on the rehabilitation of building exteriors. As senior vice president and director of architecture, he develops energy-saving strategies for the building envelope that are sensitive to system interdependence, performance objectives, and cost-effectiveness. A recognized authority on building envelope thermal and moisture protection, Mr. Kadlubowski is proficient at diagnosing and resolving building distress, as well as providing consultation for new construction. With experience ranging from green roof design considerations to glass curtain wall replacement, he lends diverse expertise to rehabilitation projects. Mr. Kadlubowski earned a master's degree in architecture from State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo and has devoted over 20 years to developing building exterior solutions with Hoffmann Architects.




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