Event: New Solutions to Daylighting

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New Solutions to Daylighting
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Learn the parameters and design elements that govern a good daylighting system.





Return to BUILDINGSVIP home pageThis program will provide a summary of daylighting benefits and strategies that are available to the architectural professional within the elements of commercial building design. Participants will learn the parameters and design elements that govern a good daylighting system and further understand the benefits that are derived from incorporating a daylighting system in a building's design.


Learning Objectives

After viewing this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • The advantages of toplighting vs. sidelighting and the design flexibility it offers.
  • The energy savings benefits of daylighting and tools used to quantify them.
  • New daylighting solutions that utilize innovative technologies that enhance product performance.
  • Factors that contribute to an optimal daylighting system and layout design.



Kenneth Laremore
Skylight Product Manager
Carlisle Syntec, Inc.


Mr. Laremore has been active in the building materials industry for over 40 years. His involvement in skylights and daylighting design began in 1993 with his employment at Thermo-Vu Sunlite Industries, Inc., a Long Island based commercial/residential skylight manufacturer, where he served as President and General Manager. During his tenure at Thermo-Vu, Mr. Laremore pioneered and introduced a number of advanced product designs and features including Heat Mirror glazing, the Metro-Lite CV egress skylight, and other innovative daylighting products. With the sale of Thermo-Vu in 2004 to Velux, Mr. Laremore acted as both a consultant and manager for Velux for a period of time and then accepted a position with Carlisle to help introduce and launch their new innovative Drylight skylight, utilizing proprietary RIM technology.




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