Options to Increase the Efficiency of Your Elevators and Escalators

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Learn to get the most efficiency out of your elevators and escalators





Return to BUILDINGSVIP home pageThe energy efficiency of vertical transportation systems has not received the same attention as that of other building systems, but that is changing. Among the topics this webinar will discuss are monitoring energy usage of elevators and escalators, energy usage factors for different drives, impact of installation quality on energy, energy usage during running and standby modes, the impact of outside air drawn into elevator shafts, and lighting and ventilation for elevator cabs.



Learning Objectives
  • Understand energy factors for vertical transportation systems.
  • Recognize the value of monitoring energy usage of elevators and escalators.
  • Understand how maintenance affects energy consumption.




Jim Bos
Principal, James W. Bos LLC


Jim Bos is Principal of James W. Bos, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in elevator systems and related sustainability and energy conservation measures. For over 20 years, Jim has worked in the elevator industry and has extensive experience in research and development, efficiency technologies and energy-saving initiatives in the United States and abroad.


An associate member of the AIA, Jim is a frequently sought after speaker and writer. He has been published in Elevator World, has been cited in the Washington Post and Slate Magazine, and was a consultant in the production of a recent NOVA television special on elevators and emerging elevator technologies. He often speaks at seminars and industry events, as well as architectural symposiums on the topics of urbanization and sustainability.


Jim is a graduate of the University of Illinois (Urbana) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds an MBA from the University of Iowa. He currently resides in Plano, Texas.