Smart Metering Strategies

On Demand

Learn tips, tools, and tactics for implementation of a successful energy metering plan.





Return to BUILDINGSVIP home pageThe rising cost of energy and the increasing demand for smarter, greener buildings require a close eye on energy consumption. Yet without solid data, it’s difficult to understand exactly where inefficiencies and waste are hiding. A strong metering plan is a vital tool in any facility’s energy efficiency toolbox. This webinar will review tips, tools, and tactics to implement a successful energy metering plan. 



Learning Objectives
  • Where and how to collect data on energy use
  • Analyzing your facility’s energy consumption
  • Metering plug loads
  • Software and equipment to identify and help cut energy usage




Paul Torcellini
Principal Group Manager, Commercial Buildings Research National Renewable Energy Lab


Paul Torcellini is the Principal Group Manager for Commercial Buildings Research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a DOE national laboratory. Paul has been at NREL for 17 years. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Colorado School of Mines and Denver University.


An expert in the energy performance of commercial buildings, Dr. Torcellini has extensive experience using computer simulations to design very low-energy buildings. He manages commercial buildings research at NREL, including teams responsible for developing next generation simulation capabilities and advanced monitoring of buildings.