The Challenges of Solar Investment

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How do you justify solar investment at your facility?





Return to BUILDINGSVIP home pageHow do you justify solar investment at your facility? With limited incentives and long paybacks, it’s difficult to make a case for solar. This webinar will identify key barriers to ownership and how you can overcome them.



Learning Objectives
  • Recognize existing barriers to investment
  • Explore the pros and cons of multiple ownership models
  • Learn about existing costs and incentive options




Dave Gralnik
Jones, Lang LaSalle
Renewable Energy, Energy and Sustainability Services


David Gralnik oversees Jones Lang LaSalle’s renewable energy solutions to corporate, investor and public-sector clients, focusing on rooftop solar installations and also including other solar energy applications as well as wind, biomass, anaerobic digestions, ground source heat pumps and combined heat & power. Based in the U.S., Mr. Gralnik consults with Jones Lang LaSalle teams around the world to ensure optimal client solutions.


In advising owners on renewable energy opportunities, Mr. Gralnik and his team assess properties and portfolios for feasibility of installations; advise on leasing and ownership deal structures; negotiate applicable agreements; oversee installation; pursue incentives from utilities and government entities; and can provide ongoing management services at the sites.