LEED, Green, and Mean: The Impact of Energy Sustainability on Building Security

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Learn how to implement security measures that protect your building and align with your sustainability goals.





Can security be green?  It sure can – if you focus on reducing competing interests between energy Return to BUILDINGSVIP home pageusage, maintenance needs, and security functions of access control, security lighting, building setbacks and landscaping, interior space protection, and ventilation systems.  Learn how to implement security measures that protect your building and align them with your LEED and sustainability goals. 


Learning Objectives
  • Learn the basics of green and sustainable features that impact security.
  • Understand the consequences of omitting security from green initiatives.
  • Recognize how to resolve conflicts between sustainability and security goals.
  • Understand how to evaluate a facility for green security opportunities.



Randall I. Atlas, Ph.D., AIA, CPP
President, Atlas Safety and Security Design


Randall Atlas is vice-president of Atlas Safety & Security Design Inc., based in Miami, Florida. He is a registered architect in Florida, nationally accredited with National Council Architectural Registration Board (N.C.A.R.B.), and a member of the American Institute of Architects. Dr. Atlas is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) from the American Society of Industrial Security, a member of the ASIS Security Architecture and Engineering Council, and an appointed member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Premises Security Committee. He is a regular contributor to the Security Management Magazine, Protection of Assets Manual, Access Control Magazine, Security Technology and Design Magazine.