EPDM: Defining the Standard for 50 Years

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This webinar is approved for 1 AIA Learning Unit (LU) for Continuing Education.








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EPDM roofing has been protecting buildings for more than 50 years and, in many ways, defines the standard for real-world performance in a wide range of climates. Participants will learn about the unique physical property advantages that create value for building owners, along with an in-depth review of major technological advancements. Participants will also gain an understanding of the environmental advantages afforded by EPDM that allow building owners and facility managers to have energy efficient membrane options in all climates.


Learning Objectives
  • Review various studies and physical performance data that demonstrate the sustainability and long-term performance of EPDM roof designs.
  • Understand the innovative EPDM technologies, which enhance the design and overall performance of the system.
  • Learn about the various tools used to quantify the energy savings of EPDM roof systems.
  • Learn about energy-saving benefits of both black and white EPDM roof systems.
  • Learn about the environmental advantages of EPDM with regard to global warming potential, acid rain, and smog impact.



Ronald L. Goodman
Marketing Manager
EPDM & FleeceBACK Systems


With more than 30 years of commercial roofing experience, Ronald L. Goodman serves as Carlisle SynTec’s Marketing Manager for EPDM & FleeceBACK Systems. Ron started his career with Carlisle SynTec in 1982 and has held numerous positions with the company, including Product Development Specialist, RV Product Manager, EPDM Product Manager, and Product Manager for FleeceBACK Systems. Throughout his career, Ron has been instrumental to the development of many of Carlisle’s innovative products. Notable product developments include Carlisle’s Pressure-Sensitive accessories, Factory-Applied SecurTape, RUSS perimeter securement, HP Fasteners, HP Purlin Fasteners, SecurEdge Metal Edging, Metal Retrofit Systems, Carlisle-725 Air & Vapor Barrier, FAST Adhesive, Aqua Base Adhesive, Cold Process Adhesive, Insulation Adhesives, and the company’s wide array of FleeceBACK systems.