Four Factors for Assessing the Green Performance of Roofing

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Owners know that their roof has environmental and energy impacts. However, it isn’t easy to quantify those impacts and costs when investigating various roofing options and systems. This webinar will focus on how to assess four factors – insulation, roof surface, thermal performance, and service life – so that owners can evaluate different roofing system designs and find the best roof to meet their green goals over the lifecycle in any climate zone.


Learning Objectives
  • Recognize principles and guidelines for rating the green performance of roofing systems.
  • Understand the relationship between roofing and energy usage.
  • Understand roofing’s lifecycle impacts on the environment.
  • Understand options for rooftop energy production.



Jim Kirby
Vice President of Sustainability
Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing


James R. Kirby, AIA, is VP of Sustainability for the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, Washington, DC. Kirby has expertise in roof system design, energy-efficiency of the building envelope and rooftop PV systems. He is liaison for the Center’s PV taskforce. He represents the roofing industry at sustainability-focused events, and presents sustainability-based technical information to roofing and other construction trades.


Kirby holds a master’s degree in architecture from University of Illinois. He also has a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Design and Construction from Boston Architectural College. He is a licensed architect in Illinois.