How to Implement an EV Charging System in Your Facility

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This webinar is approved for 1 AIA Learning Unit (LU) for Continuing Education.










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Property owners and managers are being asked about the availability of EV charging stations on their properties, but it can be easy to get lost in the complexity of new technology, business, and operational models. This webinar will provide a clear overview of EV charging technology, business, and operational requirements, allowing participants to evaluate site-specific scenarios and guide projects with a greater degree of confidence.


Learning Objectives
  • Understand how electric vehicle charging technology works.
  • Understand different types of access controls for charging devices.
  • Understand EV Charging Networks and how payment processing is transacted between the driver, charger, and building host.
  • Understand site considerations, including requirements for accessible charging stations, signage, and striping.



John Kalb
Founder and CEO
EV Charging Pros


John Kalb, EV Charging Pros founder and CEO has over 30 years of management, operational, and technical experience developing business opportunities from emerging trends. He established the firm as an independent consultancy to help property owners, developer and builders understand the business realities of EV charging.


Previously John was a partner in Evolvelectric where he was responsible for all aspects of electric vehicle-charging infrastructure. The company has installed equipment at residential, workplace and commercial properties from a wide array of manufacturers including Coulomb, ECOtality, Schneider, Eaton and Clipper Creek.


John happily drives the all-electric BMW ActiveE.