Carpet Trends - A “New” Renewably Sourced Fiber

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What leads you to seriously consider replacing existing carpet? Find out what 200 decision makers had to say. This webinar is for property managers, facility managers, architects and designers who will learn about attributes of a new carpet fiber that will keep carpet looking newer, for longer.


What new knowledge or skill will participants gain from this program?

The facts behind each of these benefits that will help you make a more informed decision on your next new construction or renovation project for any commercial facility that will incorporate carpet and / or carpet tiles.


Learning Objectives

Here are the performance properties you can expect to learn about:

  • Exceptional Durability - commercial-grade carpet must be tough enough to stand up to heavy traffic.
  • Easy to Clean - choosing the right carpet fiber can save time, money and frustration when those tough spills happen.
  • Stain, bleach and UV resistance - using a resistant fiber will help keep carpet looking flawless
  • Renewably sourced - made using plant-based ingredients, instead of petroleum.
  • Going for LEED? - may contribute to points for Rapidly Renewable Materials, Regional Materials Source and Indoor Air Quality.



Maya Sethuraman
Business Development,
DuPont™ Sorona® Commercial Carpet


Maya Sethuraman is a business development associate for Sorona®, the latest innovation from DuPont, a world leader in market-driven science. In this role, she collaborates with facilities managers, architects and designers to highlight the value, aesthetics and durability of commercial carpet made with Sorona®. Maya also works closely with carpet mills on product development, introduction and commercialization activities for Sorona®.


Maya has been with DuPont in various business, marketing and technology roles for 18 years, with the last five years focused on the development of bio-based materials for greater sustainability. Her expertise in this area spans several industries including cosmetics, industrial products, paints, coatings, and carpet. She holds degrees in biochemistry, organic chemistry and marketing business administration from Pennsylvania State University, University of Delaware and Drexel University respectively.