5 Green Roofs that Showcase System Flexibility

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Non-Profit Focuses on Stormwater Management


Water conservation and stormwater management were driving forces behind the green roof recently installed at the South Bronx home of the nonprofit Osborne Association, which strives to reduce recidivism rates by creating opportunities for formerly incarcerated people. The 7,200-square-foot rooftop system, which the organization refers to as a "blue" and "green" roof, manages approximately 100,000 gallons of stormwater per year through the use of “blue” detention trays to slow the stormwater flow and “green” trays of vegetation to absorb rainwater and improve air quality. This integrated system will reduce runoff by an estimated 32% during a typical storm, according to the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

The roof is also designed to ensure a healthy habitat for Osborne’s bees, whose hives are on a nearby roof. The organization plans to produce honey later this year for use in its catering business.

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