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November 2016

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November 2016 Features

Find out what makes geothermal attractive to FMs and where it's already in use.

How to evaluate your data center for security, efficiency and savings opportunities.

The Energy Manager™

Survey takes aim at making sporting venues more energy-efficient.

How can you raise cooling setpoints while maintaining comfort?

An upgrade with wireless
pneumatic thermostats (WPTs) may
usher your building into the modern age
while reducing energy costs.


Commercial Buildings Lag Government
Buildings in Energy Conservation.

Your Facility's Energy-Water Nexus.

Greener Facilities™

Accommodate all users with furnishings that provide smart support.

Survey reveals increasing emphasis on healthy buildings.

What exactly do those green labels mean?

New study provides evidence that HFC refrigerant replacements can be used across all climate zones and building types.


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