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September 2012

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September 2012 Features

Innovative expense-slashing solutions drive operational efficiency and maximize cost savings.
Evaluate your bill and load to determine if thermal storage is right for you.

BUILDINGS is proud to present Product Innovations 2012, recognizing products that combine performance, aesthetics, and function.

How to install solar panels when your roof isn’t an option
Making Intangible Energy a Tangible Matter
Grid-level energy storage. Worldwide field test on LED savings. New industry coalition lobbies against LEED. And more.
Trends in construction activity and materials prices.
A comparison of office renovation projects.

Inspect your HVAC system to determine if cleaning and sealing are necessary.

Smarter Buildings™

Make LED replacement easy with interchangeability standards poised to reduce cost and labor investment.
Get to the root of building system inefficiencies with cloud- or mobile-based help.

Defects, failures, or unsatisfactory appearance may require recladding or renovation.

Design and materials address a familiar problem.
Learn how dry pipe systems can benefit your building

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