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January 2013

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January 2013 Features

It's time to manage your 2013 FM budget.  What’s on your agenda for this year?
Energy management is a continuous operations effort at this Canadian facility.

The Energy Manager™

Your target temperature could be to blame.
Energy Manager Q&A with energy consultant Bill Bissmeyer.
Are you taking steps to reduce your building’s emissions?
A book review of How to Finance Energy Management Projects.
Update would bring major savings.
DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory certifies two facilities.
Students at Southern Oregon University utilize a self-imposed fee for renewable energy generation.
Massachusetts leads the list for energy efficiency initiatives.
Soft costs have also declined over time.
A new web app can help achieve your goal.
The Basics of Energy Management Are... Basic
Comparative Building Costs: Renovated Apartment Buildings

Smarter Buildings™

Interactive kiosk offerings boost customer service without increasing manpower.
Secure cooling efficiency during the heating season.  These maintenance tips and tricks will weather the winter.
Detect, track, and monitor movement near your building with surveillance radar systems.
Greywater recycling offers a way to repurpose discarded domestic water and go beyond low-flow fixtures and drought-tolerant landscaping.
Open offices and exposed ceiling make noise in the design world.
Take these precautions to make sure your green roof survives and thrives.

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