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August 2013

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August 2013 Features

More than 2,200 code proposals are under consideration at this year’s two public hearings.

Flood your building with these water reclamation strategies.

Space management software can assist with energy conservation, climate control, and more.

The Energy Manager™

Up to 18% savings possible without affecting comfort, researchers say.
These tools will help you dive into energy efficiency.
Condensing boilers, variable refrigerant flow, and PV panels offer cost-effective energy solutions.
Old assumptions could have resulted in oversized HVAC systems.
Learn the key factors for a successful installation.
Energy Manager Q&A.
Reduce energy consumption by focusing on plug loads.

New York Metro Edition

Find educational events through October
Learn how building design can encourage movement.
New technology targets high-risk buildings.
What to do when tenants control energy usage.
Only 29 of 111 sustainable proposals have been adopted.
Asset planning for disaster-prone regions.
The state's lofty goals are being met with collaboration.
Earn different certifications at the schools in your area.
Local regulations dicate they be performed every ten years.
Student Housing
What Do Office Tenants Really Want?
Use perpetual pavement to lengthen service life and reduce raw material use.

Smarter Buildings™

GSA meets or exceeds all sustainability goals.

Protect your property against theft and vandalism.

Let codes, materials, and energy performance guide you.
Enhance occupant productivity and health with recent offerings.
Upgrading to the latest version of ASHRAE’s landmark standard? Here’s what to expect.
How to spot and fix common washroom fixture problems.

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