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September 2013

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September 2013 Features

Perform necessary maintenance and tasks to ensure your asset's value and longevity.
Use lifecycle models and cost analysis to raise the ceiling on your roof's value.
How to bridge your team’s skill gap brick by brick.

Use ASHRAE’s bEQ tool to delve into energy performance.

Creative solutions to enhance your building performance

The Energy Manager™

How two newly certified projects harnessed affordable green technologies.
This raw waste product could produce 1,570 billion kWh of annual energy. 
Learn about two innovative PV installations .
Government upgrades to ASHRAE 90.1.
New Stanford research shows how to improve efficiency.
Write an app to improve occupant satisfaction and energy use.
Chicago is the latest city to consider an ordinance.
New research suggests timber harvesting may actually release more carbon.
Take classes on audits, tools, and retrofits.
The DOE is investing in schools, churches, restaurants, and others.
A new ASHRAE guide identifies ideal candidates.
What Will Your Costs Be in the New Energy Paradigm?
Comparative Building Costs: Office and Retail Facilities
Commercial Construction on the Rise,
Public Spending Dips

Use a waste stream audit to reduce hauling fees and generate recycling revenue.

Smarter Buildings™

Unchecked and overlooked envelope issues require severe solutions.
Make the right selection based on application and acoustics.
Changes to the landmark building standards take effect Jan. 1.
Derive maximum benefit from your automation system.

These specialty sprinklers use inert gases or chemical agents.

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